Photo Date Changer App for iPhone
Photo Date Changer

Photo Date Changer is an app for iPhone that easily allows you to change the dates and times of your photos and videos.

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how to change photo and video dates on iphone and ios with Photo Date Changer App for iOS
keep original photos safe when modifying exif photos with Photo Date Changer App for iOS
review changes when modifying photo dates with Photo Date Changer App for iOS

Keep Your Original Photos Unchanged

The Photo Date Changer App gives you the option to modify dates on original photos and/or make date changes to copies.

Preview Your Photos and Videos Before Changing

With large display of your photos and playback of your videos, you can be sure that you're always changing the date of the right photo!

Save Back to Your Camera Roll

All photos and videos modified by Photo Date Changer App are available in your iPhone Camera Roll - making all your photos and videos available to every other app on your phone!

How to Add Old Photos and Videos to Your Instagram Story!

Instagram only allows you to add photos and videos from the last 24 hours to your Instagram Story.

But with Photo Date Changer you can get around this limitation and use any photo or video from your iPhone Camera Roll!

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